Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

We offer a wide range of services in the field of fixed income capital raising activities both on domestic and international markets:

  • Institutional bond issues
  • Liability management
  • Private placements
  • Rating & Capital Structure Advisory
  • Retail bonds
  • Green/sustainable/social bonds



We support our clients in the field of fixed income capital raising activities, through the underwriting of bonds (both public and private) for corporations (investment-grade, high-yield, hybrid), financial institutions (senior, covered, subordinated, capital securities, ABS), sovereign and supranational entities.

Our services aim at defining an efficient capital structure also via liability management transactions, such as tender offers or exchange offers.

Furthermore, we are active players in the green and social segment, in line with the trend of the global economy increasingly focusing on environmental and social issues that are significantly affecting the world of investment.

The Syndicate desk plays a key role in managing underwriting risks through an organized allocation process of bonds to final investors (usually in collaboration with syndicate desks of other investment banks) through our sales force.

The rating & capital structure advisory activity allows us to assist clients in the process of attribution of an appropriate sustainable rating over the medium and long term, which is preparatory for debt issuances, and in defining the best capital structure in case of strategic transactions.

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