We are one of the leading financial institutions in sustainable finance having concluded the first Sustainability-linked loan in the energy sector in 2018.


The IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division is a lead arranger, structurer and distributor of ESG loans, both Sustainability-linked and Green loans. Our ESG loans support companies in different sectors, fields and nations.

Sustainability-linked loans & Green loans are financial solutions that incentivize sustainability-oriented businesses and are designed to encourage companies' commitment to achieve sustainability goals (Sustainability-linked loans) or to finance green projects (Green loans).

  • Sustainability-linked loans are credit lines, guarantee lines or letters of credit which, thanks to a discount/bonus mechanism, that act as an incentive for companies to set and achieve their sustainability goals. Companies are also encouraged to disclose the results achieved in their financial statements and/or in the Non-Financial Statement. Sustainability-linked loans can be used for different purposes, with no specific use of proceeds.

  • Green loans are those solutions that only finance or refinance, fully or partially, new and/or existing eligible Green projects. These solutions allow companies to finance projects that have a significant environmental and social impact (including Research and Development), which must be appropriately described in the related supporting documents.

What we offer

Thanks to our expertise in sustainable finance, we support our clients through the entire structuring, arranging and distributing process.

Main stages:

  • analysis of the company's sustainability profile
  • sharing with client companies an overview of their ESG-related issues  
  • structuring the loan in line with the company needs and market expectations
  • preparation of the market standard legal documentation
  • placement of ESG financing shares on the market
  • ensuring the deal closure

Furthermore, we support clients in the structuring of their ESG Frameworks. 

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