We offer a wide array of financial services, from securities trading and dealing to the structuring of investment and equity hedging solutions.

Through our equity financing and stock lending activities, we provide the best financing and portfolio optimisation solutions, both on Italian or foreign securities.
We are among the main Italian issuers of equity-linked products for retail - with certificates and covered warrants - and institutional clients.

We are a liquidity provider, providing, on an ongoing basis, purchase and sale prices for: exchange traded funds (ETFs), indexed funds, equities and derivatives on the main European stock exchanges.
We cover the entire range of listed and over-the-counter derivatives, structured and hybrid products and proprietary algorithmic strategies.

We are a major player in domestic corporate access and, in collaboration with the Intesa Sanpaolo Equity Research team, we provide detailed coverage of Italian issuers. The subsidiary Intesa Sanpaolo IMI Securities Corp., a registered US broker/dealer based in New York City¹, performs a similar service for American institutional investors.

Through Market Hub we offer clients an integrated brokerage service on the Italian Stock Exchange markets, where we are among the leaders in terms of market share, and on all the main international equity and listed derivatives markets, also in full-service mode.  Our platform provides a complete and modular solution that covers both the best execution needs of retail and private banks, and the more sophisticated requirements of institutional clients, with the handling of algorithmic strategies, programs and baskets, in both electronic and voice execution mode.



1 Subjects operating in the United States are invited to directly contact Intesa Sanpaolo IMI Securities Corp.


Equity Cash

Through close collaboration with the Equity Research team, we provide detailed coverage of listed Italian companies.

Leveraging its solid know-how and long-standing relationships with listed Italian companies, we have built an excellent track-record in the organization of roadshows in the main European financial markets.

Active in the distribution of primary market operations - such as capital increases, IPOs and convertible bonds issues - we are a key player in the placement of IPOs on the Italian market as a Global Coordinator and Book Runner and a solid performer in Equity Capital Market transactions, such as ABB and convertible bond placements.

We offer institutional clients a wide range of flow derivatives products and services, acting as market maker and liquidity provider on several underlying assets. The offer includes: index and single stock futures, dividend futures, equity swaps, as well as plain vanilla options and more complex payoffs, both listed and over-the-counter.

For the equity financing and stock lending activities, we provide the best financing and portfolio optimisation solutions, on both domestic as well as international securities.

We are one of the main Italian issuers on: certificates, covered warrants notes and structured funds for retail and institutional clients. We act as an effective and experienced liquidity provider on the main European stock exchanges on: exchange traded funds (ETFs), convertible bonds, equities and derivatives.

Alongside the continuous monitoring of the secondary market performance of the leading listed mid-caps, we offer:

  • distribution of research containing analyses of the company's results, comparative analyses with peers, preparation of estimates of prospective results and determination of share fair value;

  • production of reports containing technical and quantitative analyses about the share performance of the security and operating flows that allow an effective comparison with other securities in the client sector;

  • liquidity support for the issuer's shares through the continuing display of bids and offers on the market, and the management of transactions in the shares;

  • support to the management of client companies in the analysis of the target institutional investors and support in strengthening relations with the main Italian and foreign investors.

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