We are one of the main players in Italy in the structuring, financing and placing of securitisation transactions and asset-based financing, especially with regard to portfolios of performing assets and through cash structures.

Asset classes include: trade receivables, residential mortgages, leasing, factoring, auto loans and consumer credits in general, including salary assignment loans and corporate and SME loans.

We assist Corporates and Financial Institution clients in Italy and abroad, and we act as arranger of securitisations and covered bond programmes for the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

We offer conduit financing transactions through the Duomo/Romulus platform, thanks to which we offer pure financing or off-balance sheet financing solutions. Finally, we operate as arrangers for covered bond programmes.


Cash Securitisation

Our international team of professionals based in Milan, London, and New York, is able to offer tailor-made solutions on a wide spectrum of assets and with very flexible cash structures that allow us to meet the needs of our clients, whether these relate to pure financing structures or in the case of off-balance sheet transactions.

Our conduit platform allows us to finance various types of assets, including trade receivables, consumer loans and residential mortgages, by placing short-term asset backed commercial papers (ABCP) in the capital markets.

In particular, this platform allows corporations to finance their working capital on a non-recourse basis. Through conduit financing transactions, businesses can access an alternative funding solution represented by the ABCP market, improving their financial indicators and overall financial position.

Conduit financing also facilitates the management of particularly flexible structures such as those that involve revolving or ramp-up periods.

Through securitisation transactions, clients can finance their illiquid assets via sale to a special purpose vehicle, which issues asset backed securities (ABS) placed in the capital markets, underwritten by the Group’s conduit platform, or used as collateral for financing operations. Securitisation provides alternative funding solutions at competitive prices.

We offer the possibility to deconsolidate assets from the customer’s balance sheet, thus improving its financial indicators and the overall financial position, via solutions that also involve the intervention of junior and mezzanine investors.

We are experienced in the structuring of covered bond programmes, both in Italy and abroad, and we assist interested issuers to adopt this secured funding tool.

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