Merchants services and cards

We offer companies a range of transactional services, acquiring and issuing services, to pay and accept payments.

Merchant Services are a wide category of financial services designed for companies, therefore transactional services, which allow a company to accept a payment through a secure channel via credit or debit card of the client, or the qualified device NFC / RFID. The category may include digital payments based on card and APM (eg. Wallet, Account to Account, Asian Wallet).



The Acquiring products and services allow the enabling of payment acceptance through a variety of channels, such as:

  • POS Third party Payment Gateway integration 
  • Mobile POS
  • E-Commerce

Commercial Card products allow companies to manage business expenses in an easier way and with a more efficient financial management. In fact, the use of credit/debit cards gives the possibility to establish flexible credit limits and to be linked to advanced reporting systems, which allow an efficient management of all the cards owned by the companies, as well as a punctual monitoring of expenses.

Smart Control is the solution of Intesa Sanpaolo for business customers who need to make “card-not-present” purchases by using Mastercard circuit.

In particular, this is about a digital platform generating Virtual Card, an electronic payment instrument allowing companies to pay suppliers, with the option to choose when to repay the expenses incurred in a highly safe, effective and more controlled way.


  • More compliance, security and control of all transactions, allowing to reach greater efficiency in both strategic purchases and in more relevant payments;
  • More efficiency in payment processes by automation: it is possible to reduce internal costs, time and efforts of some business processes and get richer data analytics, useful for negotiation and suppliers management;
  • Cash flow optimization: Virtual cards allow to manage more advantageously and effectively relations with suppliers, compared to other payment instruments, such as bank transfers (ie. advance payments, access to more discounts).

Main features of the virtual cards

  • “Really virtual”: no need of any physical card
  • Valid for one or more pre-determined payments
  • They can be generated only upon approval, with a one-to-one control
  • They can be transmitted to suppliers with high standard of safety, at the moment of the payment (eg. encrypted email); this is an optional service
  • They can be used with all suppliers who accept Mastercard cards
  • They are identified with an id number for the accounting process

For the contractual conditions of mentioned products and services, please consult the relevant information sheets available on Intesa Sanpaolo bank website as well as in the bank branches.
The granting of loans and the issue of guarantees are subject to the bank approval.

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