Foreign Exchange

We are one of the main Italian intermediaries active in the international foreign exchange market, providing continuous quotations in all market conditions, both in G20 and emerging market currencies.
Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo's international network, and to the many other banks controlled by the Group, we ensure businesses and financial institutions local coverage to support all the needs related to cross border activities.
In addition to Milan, we are present in London and, with Intesa Sanpaolo IMI Securities Corp., in New York¹; moreover, our professionals constantly collaborate with the Capital Markets desk of the Intesa Sanpaolo branch in
Hong Kong. The respective geographical responsibilities efficiently cover, in terms of time zone, Continental and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, America (North and Latin America) and Asia.
The set of products proposed includes all derivatives as well as the classic cash products.
Exposure to international currencies allows the identification of investment or financing opportunities in terms of diversification.

Intesa Sanpaolo Research Department offers extensive coverage of the G20 and emerging markets.



Through Market Hub, we offer an integrated and transparent FX electronic brokerage solution either through the main Multi-Dealer Platforms or via our Inbiz Forex and Greentrade Single-Dealer Platforms, in streaming and/or RFQ/RFS mode.  Our FX electronic service offers the support of a dedicated desk and covers over 100 currency pairs and spot and derivative quotes, complementing voice execution services.

The choice to integrate our single dealer FX platform in the Inbiz portal, Intesa Sanpaolo Group's corporate internet banking solution, allows group clients to expand the range of products available to them with a one-stop-shopping approach. The multi-dealer platforms which the Intesa Sanpaolo Group adheres to are FXALL, Bloomberg and 360T, internationally recognised as best in class.

We have signed the Statement of Commitment to FX Global Code, a set of principles generally recognised as good practice in the foreign exchange market.
The Bank has thus taken the appropriate measures, based on the size and complexity of its activities and the nature of its involvement in the foreign exchange market, to align its activities with the principles of the Code.

To this end, at the following links, you can find the Informative note on the processing of Forex orders  and the Liquidity provider disclosure coversheet that, in accordance with the principles of the Code, aim to provide better information on the role of the bank in the management of FX orders.


1 Subjects operating in the United States are invited to directly contact Intesa Sanpaolo IMI Securities Corp.

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