Capital Markets

We are the reference partner for Italian and international Corporates and Financial Institutions, Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s customers, with a focus to support and explore their needs, understand their issues and recommend the most appropriate solutions related to Capital Markets. 

We are a major Italian dealer in securities trading in the equity and fixed income markets, and we act as market maker on a wide range of instruments: government securities, corporate and financial bonds, equities, foreign currencies, commodity derivatives and equity and interest rate derivatives.
The sales and trading activity is supported by continuous interaction with the structurers that provide innovative services and implement tailor-made solutions on both financial assets and those with credit content.

Our innovation, design and execution capabilities have led us to establish ourselves as a major Italian operator in the securitisation and credit risk transfer sector, carrying out activities on a vast range of performing and non-performing assets. 

The activities may involve balance sheet assets and liabilities, issues related to the structure of the profit and loss account, the hedging of market risks or other issues related to capital, portfolio management, liquidity management and funding. Moreover, the solutions proposed take into account the new regulations and the various risk management aspects typical of the target clientele.

Thanks to the professionals active in Italy and in the branches of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's international network, and through the subsidiary Intesa Sanpaolo IMI Securities Corp., a registered broker/dealer based in New York¹, we ensure widespread and global market coverage.

Through Market Hub, we offer a wide range of agency brokerage services to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group institutional and corporate clients, providing access to the Italian and international equity, fixed income and listed derivatives markets, our integrated and transparent Best Execution solution, ETD and OTC derivatives clearing services and electronic FX brokerage.

Drawing on the services of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Research Department, we provide our customers with studies, analyses and reports on the equity, government securities, corporate bond and exchange rates.
We offer integrated securities settlement, custody and administration services.



1 Subjects operating in the United States are invited to directly contact Intesa Sanpaolo IMI Securities Corp.

Execution Specialist Agency which provides access to Equity, Fixed Income and Listed Derivatives markets, beside Best Execution and brokerage services for institutional clients.

The new gatway to global financial markets reserves for Intesa Sanpaolo's financial institution clients.


Active in securities trading and dealing, in the structuring of investment and equity hedging solutions.

Market making for government securities issued by the main countries in the Euro Area as well as for rate and inflation derivatives.

Offering access to the main OTC markets and major commodity futures exchanges.

An active player in the international foreign-exchange market, offering support for all the cross-border activities.

We are an ideal partner to intermediaries who distribute financial products for private investors.

Execution Specialist Agency which provides access to Equity, Fixed Income and Listed Derivatives markets, beside Best Execution and brokerage services for institutional clients.

We offer a wide range of clearing services covering all asset classes across different European and non-European Clearing Houses.


A wide range of solutions for managing financial risks.

Investment solutions for managing liquidity in the short term, and for medium- to long-term investments.

Active management of credit portfolios.

Active in underwriting, structuring, pricing, and distributing syndicated loans.

Sale, securitisation or financing of distressed financial assets.

Structuring, financing and placing securitisation transactions and asset-based financing.

Developing and implementing tailor-made solutions for funding, portfolio management, capital optimisation and risk hedging.

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