Solutions & Financing

We are the reference partner for Italian and international Financial Institutions in developing and implementing tailor-made solutions aimed at meeting our clients’ needs: funding, portfolio management, capital optimisation, risk hedging, and, in general, supporting financial transactions. We also provide solutions aimed at compliance with regulatory obligations, such as the clearing service for derivatives instruments. Thanks to our specialised sales and structurers, each solution is customised on the client’s regulatory, accounting, and legal framework.

Platform available for clients to perform Centrally Cleared OTC Rates and Credit Derivatives trades margin simulation and portfolio monitoring.


Secured Financing 

Secured financing solutions offer the opportunity to raise funding at a lower cost, using the client’s own assets, even though illiquid, through repurchase agreements (Repo) or total return swap (TRS) transactions. We offer a complete suite of services for secured financing transactions, including repack of illiquid assets into secured notes that can be used as collateral in bilateral transactions.

Financing solutions aimed at optimising liquidity management and regulatory coefficients (NSFR and LCR), e.g. through secured financing transactions on Government bonds, corporate bonds, funds, ABS, or equity. The solutions can be structured, for example, as repurchase transactions, securities lending agreements, total return swaps, or other customised transactions.

Solutions to hedge financial risks on different asset classes, typically through derivatives instruments. We also offer risk advisory services to manage cross-asset risks embedded in investment portfolios, by applying a holistic approach and by designing risk overlay strategies.

Credit risk hedging solutions through derivatives instruments or through risk participation agreements, optimised according to the client’s framework and objectives.

We are direct members of the main central counterparties for the centralised compensation of OTC derivatives (Lch Ltd, Lch SA, Eurex Clearing AG) and, since 2012, we have offered a clearing broker service to Financial Institutions on Rate Derivatives. This service allows both to fulfil the obligations set forth in European and international regulations, and to optimise counterparty risk management, helping to reduce capital requirements. The main strengths of our service include: on-boarding support, portfolio management and risk management advisory, and a free tool for pre-trade and what-if analyses on collateral margins.

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