Clearing Service

We offer a wide range of clearing services covering all asset classes across different European and non-European Clearing Houses. We are the reference partner for Italian and International Corporates and Financial Institutions, Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s customers, recommending the most suitable solutions related to their clearing requirements. Our services are fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements and our margining model can meet a various range of clients’ needs.



We are a direct clearing member of LCH Ltd’s SwapClear and Eurex Clearing for Rate Derivatives. We offer our clients clearing services for all mandatory clearing products across all asset classes and related currencies. 

Our margining models are tailored to be fully compliant with the regulatory requirements, offer the highest level of collateral and position segregation, fully aware of the clients’ needs, optimizing their risk at the same time. 

The main strengths of our services are: 

  • on-boarding support
  • portfolio management advisory
  • a free tool for pre-trade and what-if analysis on guarantee margins 
  • a product specialist that acts as single point of contact

Platform available for clients to perform Centrally Cleared OTC Rates and Credit Derivatives trades margin simulation and portfolio monitoring.

OTC Client Clearing

OTC Client Clearing

OTC Client Clearing

Product Specialist:


We are a direct clearing member of CC&G, Eurex Clearing, LCH SA and ICE Clear Europe. We do have a wide range of account structures (omnibus and segregated), compliant with MIFID regulation.

Through Market Hub, we are able to offer execution and clearing services, not only where we have direct access, but also on a variety of international ETD Markets and related Clearing Houses, across all asset classes.

We are direct clearing member of CC&G, Eurex Clearing, LCH SA and LCH Ltd. We offer execution and clearing for all markets covered by these Clearing Houses.

Through Market Hub, we offer execution and clearing, not only where we have direct access, but also on a wide range of international Equity and Bond markets, and related Clearing Houses.

The proposal of Intesa Sanpaolo includes settlement, custody and asset servicing on all the above major markets.

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