Investment Products for distribution

We support intermediaries who distribute financial products for private investors, such as banks and other financial institutions, both Italian and foreign. Thanks to the wide range of instruments that we can structure in our prospectuses, we meet the multiple needs of final investors. We occupy a leadership position¹ in hedging our own securities issues and third-party issues.
We are one of the main issuers of bonds, certificates and covered warrants listed on the main financial markets. In our role as market maker/liquidity provider, we provide liquidity in the market to enable investors to efficiently manage their investments.
We are one of the major players on MOT for the trading of our own bonds and third-party bonds, guaranteeing a high-level service and providing, where possible, liquidity on the main regulated markets and MTFs (Multilateral Trading Facilities).



Bonds, Certificates and Covered Warrants. Find information concerning our issuances, quotes and legal documentation.

Disclosures relating to Banca IMI, Intesa Sanpaolo and UBI Banca issuances.


Proprietary bonds

We are among the main Italian bond issuers. Our prospectuses can adequately cover various  investment needs with a wide range of bond structures: from simple fixed and floating rate bonds to structured bonds, e.g. callable bonds and currency bonds.

Since 2012, we have further consolidated our position in the industry thanks to the listing of bonds denominated in foreign currency or in Euros on the MOT segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.

We act as Lead Manager for bond issues of third-party issuers. The bonds are placed by the networks of Intesa Sanpaolo Group and/or by distributors not belonging to the group.

We are one of the main Italian issuers of certificates and, thanks to the prospectuses we have at our disposal, we are able to offer a wide range of investment solutions to meet the needs of Italian and foreign clients.

Flexibility in structuring different payoffs, the wide range of underlying assets and the pre- and post-sales services have contributed to our success in this market segment.

Certificates can provide different levels of capital protection, pay periodic premiums and provide mechanisms for early extinction under certain conditions . These instruments are very flexible and can be tailored to the investor's needs. Liquidity is generally assured by quotation on the main financial markets.

We are associated with ACEPI (Italian Association of Certificates and Investment Products) as well as one of its founding members.

We are one of the main Italian issuers of call and put covered warrants and, thanks to a wide range of underlying assets, including Italian and foreign equities and Italian stock indices, we are able to satisfy the different needs of our investors.

We are active in the proposal, to asset managers and insurance companies, of solutions for asset management and insurance products. Based on the various financial models, the bank offers guarantees and covers for: policies, structured funds, bonds and fund-indexed certificates.

The approach to the design of investment products is of the cross-asset class (equity, credit, currency, fixed income and commodity) and across wrapper (certificates, funds, notes, insurance policies) type. This multi-sector approach enables us to propose solutions for both funds management and assets under administration.

Third-party bonds

Please see the issuances table.

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