We promote SEZ e SLZ in Germany to support the italian port system and international trade

The meeting dedicated to promoting the development of Italian ports, through the Unique Special Economic Zone of Southern Italy and the Simplified Logistic Zones of Central-Northern Italy, with the aim of attracting foreign investments and supporting the competitiveness of the Italian production system, took place in Frankfurt with the support of the Frankfurt branch of the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo.

The Group, as it did in 2022 in Naples, renewed its commitment by increasing the national ceiling dedicated to new production facilities, the expansion and modernisation of existing ones, and investments in the energy sector in the SEZ and SLZs to EUR 10Bn.

Intesa Sanpaolo, which has specialised teams working on strategic sectors such as energy and shipping, confirms itself as the leading bank in this sector by providing companies with the best solutions consistent with development projects.

The tax concessions granted in favour of the SEZ and SLZs, the operational and administrative simplification in force in these areas, together with the subsidised financing lines guaranteed by the Bank, make investments in territories characterised by a strategic location for international routes and trade attractive.

The meeting came about thanks to the cooperation of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany, ICE - Agency for the Attraction of Investments, SRM - Study Centre linked to Intesa Sanpaolo, and Confindustria. The meeting was attended by 25 German companies interested in developing production initiatives in Italy, leveraging Italian logistics.

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