Together with Guido Maria Brera, we tell young people the good stories of finance

The IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division is launching an initiative designed to inspire young people and accompany them on a path to understanding finance, thus strengthening its commitment and focus on the new generations, as also set out in the Group’s Business Plan.

With this in mind, a new series of meetings is being launched in some of the major Italian universities entitled “Finance and good stories” in collaboration with Guido Maria Brera, entrepreneur and writer, author of the best-selling book “Diavoli”.

The aim of the project is to make young people who are not yet in the world of work understand the mechanisms that govern modern financial markets. In his talk G. M. Brera will go through some of the major events that have changed the look and the protagonists of world finance, such as the subprime mortgage and sovereign debt crises of the European Countries and the Quantitative Easing season.

The aim of these initiatives is to offer students an engaging narrative that tells the story of the world of finance, unveils its hidden processes and provides a better understanding of the present.

The first event was held on 16 November at the LUISS University in Rome in the presence of the Director of the Department of Economics and Finance, Professor Paolo Santucci De Magistris, and  Mauro Micillo, Chief of Intesa Sanpaolo IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division and lecturer at the LUISS-Guido Carli University.

Other major Italian Universities will be involved in the coming months.

Read the Press Release.

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