"AI for Corporate Targeting Automation" receives Special Mention at Premio ABI per l'Innovazione nei Servizi Bancari

On 22 March 2023 at the IBM Studios in Milan, was held the awards ceremony of the thirteenth edition of the Premio ABI per l'Innovazione nei Servizi Bancari.

This edition focused on innovation facilitated by the rise of new open paradigms and technological development linked to the digitization and dematerialization of financial services.

In order to highlight the best initiatives that individual institutions are implementing, seven awards were defined dedicated to projects oriented towards the valorization of data, the digital transformation of channels and operations, and the introduction of new financial services also from a fintech perspective.

Intesa Sanpaolo won the Special Mention with the 'AI for Corporate Targeting Automation' project. The jury analyzed projects that, also through the application of new technological paradigms such as Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, are focused on the governance and valorization of information and fostered the development of new service models in order to improve internal operations by transforming data into knowledge and value for the business.

In particular, the 'AI for Corporate Targeting Automation' project refers to all the initiatives related to automation in the generation of business targeting through Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics technologies to support sales functions by providing more information and introducing innovative ways of reading data in order to interpret and anticipate customers' needs and maximize value creation. Important academic collaborations with the Scuola Superiore Normale di Pisa, Bicocca University of Milan and the University of Turin were used in this innovative project.

Intesa Sanpaolo also won the Innovation Award for Sustainability for the project Sharing Energy: Comunità energetiche solidali presented by Institutional Affairs & External Communication Officer governance area.

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