Intesa Sanpaolo Just Issued A New Bond

Two new issuances expand the family of Intesa Sanpaolo Bonds, currently comprising senior and unsecured bonds:

  • Tasso Fisso Dollaro USA (ISIN XS2591231191), 2-years tenor and gross annual coupons of 5.40% payable semiannually.
  • Tasso Fisso Dollaro Australiano (ISIN XS2591229534), 2-years tenor and gross annual coupons of 4,65% payable semiannually.

The new bonds are issued by Intesa Sanpaolo and are listed on both MOT and EuroTLX (part of Borsa Italiana).
The bonds can be traded through your own bank account, financial intermediary or phone banking. The offer price, interest payments and principal repayment will be in the original currency of the instrument.

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