Incent Now is the digital platform dedicated to corporates and institutions that facilitates the access to the NRRP funds

Intesa Sanpaolo in partnership with Deloitte launches Incent Now, a constantly updated digital platform with information on initiatives and  public tenders by national and European institutional bodies as part of the NRRP planning .

The digital platform, available for free to all clients, constitutes a unique access point for national, local and community NRRP measures. 

To support companies and entities in the preparation and management of public tenders to obtain the funds provided by the NRRP, Intesa Sanpaolo will offer the advice from qualified and professional partners such as ForValue and Deloitte.

Intesa Sanpaolo acts as an accelerator of the NRRP with the aim of encouraging the modernization of the country by allowing the realization of large and transformative projects, as well as solutions dedicated to training and insurance proposals.

As part of the plan to support the real economy, the Bank will also make available over 400 billion euros of new medium-long term financing, of which 270 billion euros will be in favor of the business world.

For more information, please visit the dedicated page.