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The economic scenario for listed SMEs

Challenges and opportunities for Euronext STAR Milan segment companies.
fruition time: 6 min

Intesa Sanpaolo's IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division is very attentive and sensitive to the performance of our country's real economy. Such an active role and attentive participation in endeavouring to find a solution to enterprises’ difficulties become all the more relevant at a challenging time such as the one we are currently going through.

It is a large banking group's responsibility to always bolster the economy, also supporting SMEs, which are the driving force behind the country's development, and to strengthen the commitment and proximity to companies, including those listed on the Euronext STAR Milan segment that have achieved important successes in recent years, even under the most challenging of circumstances.

Today, problems related to inflation, energy, commodities and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis dominate the economic scenario. In order to gain a better understanding of this phase and identify the most appropriate actions to implement, we have collected, on the occasion of the Euronext STAR Conference organised by Borsa Italiana in Milan, the analysis and testimonies of four authoritative voices: Massimo Mocio, Deputy Chief of IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division, Gregorio De Felice, Chief Economist of Intesa Sanpaolo, Giampaolo Trasi, Head of Equity & Credit Research of Intesa Sanpaolo, Anna Maria Roscio, Executive Director Sales & Marketing Department, Retail & SME Banking Division, Intesa Sanpaolo.

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